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CONTI Film Platform

At CONTI, we concentrate on industries including music, film, sport, streaming media, and Al empowerment in order to provide people with engaging video content. Provide an advertising platform that satisfies the requirements of modern users

CONTI is not just a streaming platform, but an innovative ecosystem. Here, users can visit virtual exhibitions, participate in film production, and even start their own era of movie Metaverse



Future Plan

The Future of Shared Data Big Models

Conti International Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

CONTI is proposing ways to better support film making with intelligent digital technology

Conti International Provide Accurate Data

Provide accurate data

Through the big data model, provide accurate data for publishers, theaters, box office companies, and online streaming media groups.

Conti International Socail Interaction

Social Interaction

Users can share viewing experiences, exchange views with other film lovers, and participate in film events, seminars and film review competitions, etc.


What our customers think

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Development Stage

Film industry development and partner expansion cooperation with Netflix, Youtube, Titok and other companies to establish parallel data interfaces development of intelligent recommendation algorithms cooperation with AMC Theaters, Cineworld, Regal Cinemas, etc


Growing stage

Expanding more marketing sectors begin to participate in live music broadcasts, concerts, and other events via the use of Al application scenarios and knowledge gained in the film and television industries.Strengthen industrial collaboration with the establishment of the CONTI Plan, an IP linking scheme


Mature Stage

Initiate live broadcast of well-known sporting events and cultivate a constructive connection with the organizers of sporting events. Begin testing out the platform applications of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), such as online communities and virtual commerce. Finalize CONTI whole industrial design with construct a massive composite carrier of Al for real-world use


Global Influence

Increase the rate of globalization, bring in a variety of entertainment options such as music, movies, television shows, and sporting events to set up a global customer service and technical support system that launch the CONTI Al intelligent entertainment plan and incorporate more than a thousand films, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment via big data and the Internet to improve the lives of more than 50 million poverty