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CONTI Values and Achievements

By offering a wide range of content possibilities, utilizing virtual reality, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technology, CONTI seeks to satisfy the demands of diverse hobbies and provide them an immersive experience when watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. Future trends in the entertainment sector will be altered by CONTI, which will act as a link between people, interests, and technology

CONTI News and Blog

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2023 Annecy global event by conti international Year 2023

Annecy 2023

Conti at Annecy 2023: Fostering global animation events, uniting professionals to celebrate creativity. The International Animated Film Market—industry growth through strategic meetings.
Conti Moves Proud to have created films and animations at VFX Summit 2022! Year 2022

VFX Summit 2022

Serves as a conduit for the growth of the VFX, animation and film industries by bringing together global innovation, key industry players and B2B matchmaking.
Intel AI Summit Covered By Conti International Movie Year 2021

Intel® AI Summit

More than 20 industry experts give speeches covering all key AI topics and solutions, as well as your chance to interact with industry experts and professionals, will bring your AI ambitions closer to reality.
Global AI Summit Event 2020: Covered and Animated by Conti Movies Year 2020

Global AI Summit

Conti at Global AI: Uniting policymakers, investors, and innovators committed to deploying AI globally, exploring status, investment, commitment, and governance.

Conti International Video Tour

Discover the most qualified Film Makers in the state by taking a tour of CONTI Al Plugged Movies, Films & Animation

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CONTI Cultural & Media

CONTl is an innovative media platform established since post-epidemic in 2023. It is headquartered in Birmingham, UK, and its parent company is DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company owned by Google. CONTI has reached strategic cooperation with Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and other mainstream streaming media platform

Innovative CONTI

Building new industry infrastructure and layout, CONTI will continue to empower industry partners, offer pleasant film and television entertainment to consumers, and provide services for the full Internet film and television industry chain

Music Creation

An autonomous platform that supports the production, sharing, and consumption of music, catering to big data users. Without the need for advertisements, listeners enjoy free music from independent performers. The industry will pay musicians more than popular music streaming services

Sport Event

The CONTI live broadcast platform aims to become the greatest interactive event live broadcast tool globally in three years. User earn money by watching the event, while advertiser pay to promote the event




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